Giggling Squid Thai

I have a tradition of eating Thai food at Thai Square on the Monday nights I arrive in London.  I arrived at Heathrow this morning, but instead of proceeding into Central London as usual, I took a cab to Henley-on-Thames. I have meetings here for the next few days.  It’s a really pretty little town and I know nothing about it except how to find the Cafe Nero and the Starbucks.

After a little napping, a few conference calls and some work, I turned to Yelp for dinner recommendations.  I’ve been here once before and planned to head to the nearest Indian restaurant.  Eating Indian food while I’m here is another of my traditions.  Then I found 2 Thai restaurants just a few steps further.  The Thai Orchid had better reviews so I planned to go there.  On the way I walked past the other Thai place, Giggling Squid.  There were 2 couples and a family looking group there.  It looked fun and nice.  I went on to Thai Orchid.  No one in there.  In fairness it was only 7:00, but still.  Not like it was 6:00!  And it looked a little stuffy.  So, I went back to Giggling Squid.  The sign didn’t come out, but this is what it looks like from the outside.


I’m a big fan of squid, crispy or grilled or stuffed or sauteed.  The salt and pepper squid here was nothing like the fried calamari you get in bars and restaurants at home.  Nothing.  First, it was full tubes instead of rings.  More a tempura batter than anything, but not huge.  The most tender squid I’ve ever eaten.  Served with a sweet chili sauce.  Sooooo good.


I followed that with Chicken Pad Kingh.  This is a dish that lets the fresh ginger sticks smack you in the face.  With earthy mushrooms and sweet carrots as the perfect foil.  The sauce and mushrooms and bell peppers were amazing.   Honestly the chicken was just filler.   It reminded me of a ginger chicken dish I used to get at a Vietnamese restaurant in Tysons Corner, VA.  Oh how I’d missed that dish until today.  Add some rice and a glass of rose from Provence and you’re in for a better Monday night than most!


It’s not like I’m going to make the trek out to Henley on Mondays from now on, but wow am I glad I had this opportunity.  If you have a chance to go to a Giggling Squid restaurant, don’t pass it up!  And get the squid.  It definitely made me giggle!



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