Mini Penne with Peas, Peppers and Proscuitto

Here’s one of the pasta dishes from the No Football Sunday Dinner.  It’s easy.  It’s yummy.  It’s the lightest cream sauce I’ve ever had.  And you know how creamy cheese sauces usually separate and mostly seem oily when you reheat them in the microwave?  Not so much this one.  It reheats really nicely.  Good thing since I apparently made enough to feed a small village.

Peas, Peppers and Prosciutto Penne

There’s not much in the way of instruction or tips here.  I do roast my own peppers.  It requires planning ahead, but not much in the way of effort.  I think the flavor is more subtle than the ones you get from a jar.  This is about the only way you’ll get me to eat a green pea, but don’t skimp on them in here.  I’m sure fresh peas would be fantastic in this, but frozen ones work just as well.  They’re sweet and they stay firm in the pasta.  I bought the proscuitto already diced.  I’m not sure I’d do that again.  The flavor isn’t as good as when you buy slices.  Marcella Hazan says you can also use country ham in here so if you want to add a little Southern flair, there’s your chance.

This is light and sweet and salty and creamy and wonderful.  It’s a great way to eat pasta without feeling like you need to take a nap immediately afterwards.  It’s pretty too.  And also good at room temperature so easy to make ahead and take to a potluck of some kind.  This pretty much has everything going for it so give it a try!

Good? So good.
Easy? Yep.
Good for company? Absolutely. Makes a ton.
Special shopping? Not at all.

Mini Penne with Peas, Peppers and Prosciutto


4 orange bell peppers, roasted, skinned and diced
2 T butter
6-8 ounces diced prosciutto
2 C frozen peas, thawed
2 C heavy cream
2/3 C grated parmesan
1 1/2 boxes mini penne, cooked to al dente
salt and pepper


Saute the butter and prosciutto one minute.
Add the peas and cook another minute.
Stir in the peppers.
Add cream, salt and pepper. Increase heat and stir until cream begins to thicken.
Remove from heat.
Stir sauce and parmesan into pasta.

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