Turkey Chili with Salsa Verde

As you may have read, I made salsa verde today.  Today is also a Fall Sunday so that means FOOTBALL!  I haven’t had much time to fully participate in football watching this season.  This is my first Sunday without must-do work so I decided to celebrate my freedom by making some chili for the football watching crowd.  Salsa verde goes best with white chili so I went with turkey and white beans today.  Good, healthy, a little different and no cheese or sour cream required.

One of the best things about making chili is that any recipe is just a suggestion.  You can always add different beans, more chile powder, extra Tabasco; soy crumbles instead of turkey; pretty much anything goes.  The key for me in this chili is the white bean puree.  Without it you really just have soup.  That’s great if you’re going for soup, but pretty unsatisfying if you really want chili.  It’s a one pot meal.  A little chopping and then just the occasional stir.  Easy, easy.

I really enjoyed this.  And given that there aren’t any leftovers I’m guessing that others did too.  The creamy white beans are really wonderful against the bright green briny salsa verde.  I used ground turkey today because that’s what I had in the freezer.  Next time I might use diced turkey cutlets instead.  The turkey kind of disappeared in this.  Big chunks of turkey would have been a nice texture contrast.  Next time I might also add some diced jalapenos to the onions in the beginning.  A little more heat would have been yummy. One thing to note – this is not the prettiest dish you’ll ever serve. The combination of turkey, white beans and salsa verde turns a little grey-ish. Don’t let that dissuade you!

My best advice for this chili?  Make enough that you have leftovers!  This is super good the first time and most chili is even better the second day.

Good? I thought it was great!
Easy? So easy.
Good for company? Certainly for a football watching crowd!
Special shopping? Nope.

Turkey Chili with Salsa Verde


1 lb ground turkey
2 C diced onion
1 T cumin
1 T chile powder
2 C chicken stock
4 cans assorted white beans, drained and rinsed (cannellini, navy, great northern)
1-2 C salsa verde (fresh or commercially prepared)
2 T or more green Tabasco


Brown turkey and saute onions in large pot. Add cumin and chile powder. Add chicken stock and stir to combine. Bring to a simmer. Add 2 cans of beans. Put remaining 2 cans of beans in a blender or food processor. Add 1/2 C or so of chicken stock. Puree. Add white bean puree to the chili pot. Stir in salsa verde. Simmer on low 1-2 hours, stirring occasionally. Finish with green Tabasco.


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