Pork Chops with Cider and Mustard Sauce

Pork chops are kind of like salad around here.  I’m always looking for a new way to make them.  Tonight I wanted a sauce that I could use on the pork chops and then re-purpose for the brussels sprouts.  I did a quick search for pork chops on foodnetwork.com and came across this from Nigella Lawson.  I don’t make a lot of Nigella’s recipes. I think she has a talent with food, but I don’t care for the way she talks about it.  It’s a little personal.  Anyway, I decided to give this a shot.

This is a double cut pork chop from Ault’s Family Farm.  It looks huge, but I cut out the bone and only ate half.  Can’t wait for leftovers.

Unbelievably I’ve managed to alter a recipe that has only three ingredients to begin with.  I don’t have any heavy cream (or half and half or even milk) in the house and I didn’t feel like making a trip out for one thing.  Lucky for me I had some plain yogurt.  I know, that’s not normally an acceptable substitute, but I figured in a mustard sauce I could get away with it.  And I think I did.  Just bear in mind when you make it that this is a sauce and not a gravy.  It’s very thin.  And when you spoon it out be sure to spoon from the bottom of the pan or the mustard seeds will end up getting left behind.

This sauce has the sharp tangy flavor that you’d expect from stone ground mustard.  The sharpness is nicely tempered by the sweet apple flavor of the hard cider.  I imagine the original recipe is mellowed by the cream.  The yogurt adds a little creaminess, but also a different kind of tangy.  It’s good.  And the nice thing is that it tastes slightly different depending on what you put it on.  I used it on the pork chop, the brussels sprouts and the brown rice.  On the pork chop – very tangy.  On the brussels sprouts bright and sunny.  With the nuttiness of the rice a subtle saltiness.  Not the same, but all good.

This is worth trying.  It would be great as a warm dressing on a spinch salad too.

Good? Yep.  Not outstanding, but good.
Good? So, so easy.
Good for company? Eh, good, but not special so maybe not.
Special shopping? No. Hard cider is easy to find in the beer section of any grocery store.

Pork Chops with Cider and Mustard Sauce


2 pork chops, about 1-pound total weight
2 teaspoons infused oil
1/2 cup hard cider
1 tablespoon grain mustard
3 T plain greek yogurt


Heat the oil in a pan, and then cook the chops over a moderately-high heat for about 5 minutes a side. Remove them to a warmed plate.
Pour the cider into the pan, still over the heat, to deglaze the pan. Let it bubble away for a minute or so then add the mustard and stir in the cream.
Let the sauce continue cooking for a few minutes before pouring over each plated pork chop.


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