Shrimp, Sausage and Corn Flatbread

I’ve worked myself to a very tired state this weekend cleaning up the yard and the house, doing the laundry, making chicken stock and trying to put a few farmers’ market items up for the Winter.  Whew.  Really needed an easy dinner tonight.  I bought shrimp, sausage and corn at the farmers’ market so the ingredients were already selected.  A flatbread and a little mozzarella and it’s almost like pizza.  A nice end to the weekend.

I opted for a white pizza because I was just too tired to make sauce out of the Juliet tomatoes I harvested from the garden.  I did have some roasted garlic in the fridge so I brushed that on the flatbread with some olive oil and put it in the convection oven to crisp.  I peeled, deveined and pan seared the shrimp until they were just done and then cut them in half.  If you halve them before you cook them there’s a greater risk of overcooking them to rubbery awfulness.  The sausage is just the opposite.  I cut that into rounds before I cooked it so it would cook a little faster.  The corn I just cut from the cob and added raw.  I cut the mozzarella into little cubes and worked them in between all the other ingredients on the flatbread.   I find that you need less cheese that way.

The verdict?  Solidly good.  The sausage was “Saturday Nite” from Sausagecraft.  Yumola.  It’s made with local beer and a fair amount of Siracha sauce.  It’s very salty/spicy so it was perfect against the super sweet white corn.  The shrimp added just a little earthiness to the whole thing, but honestly I could have left it off to make room for more sausage and corn.  Next time I’ll do just that.  Next time I’ll also refrain from pre-baking the flatbread.  I love a cracker crisp crust, but this ended up tasting a little bit burnt.  I’d also recommend against buying low fat flatbread.  Flatbread is pretty low in calories and fat anyway.  The “light” version is just little chalky.

The next time you’re looking for a 20 minute dinner give some thought to flatbread pizzas.  You can put out bowls of toppings and left everyone make their own.  Enjoy!

Good? Good, not outstanding, but good.
Easy? Beyond easy.
Good for company? Pizza is always good for sharing.
Special shopping? Nope.

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