Roasted Garlic Green Beans

This isn’t so much a recipe as a big thank you to my garden.  I’ve been pretty neglectful of the garden this year.  I do throw a little water its way most days, but I have to admit that I stopped weeding in the hideous heat of late June.  Even other than the mistreatment at my hands the garden has had a tough summer.  Heavy downpours, absurdly strong winds, excessive heat even for Virginia.  I thought it had given up, but this week it’s making a comeback!

I went out tonight to pick a few Juliet tomatoes and ended up with a bunch of those, some squash, a cucumber, a poblano pepper and enough green beans to have for dinner.  I know I’ve said it before, but there’s something special about eating something less than an hour after it’s picked. I decided on the green beans for tonight.  A couple of minutes in boiling water and a quick rinse in cold water to set the beautiful green color.  Then a very simple preparation so I could really taste the beans.  A two minute saute in olive oil with some roasted garlic and a little kosher salt.  So, so good.  Now I remember why I planted the garden in the first place.

Good? So, so good.
Easy? So, so easy (unless you count the growing part).
Good for company? Absolutely. Nothing says love like homegrown vegetables.
Special shopping? Not really any shopping.


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