Soy Honey Tuna Steaks

Another trip to the farmers’ market, another stop to see the guys at the Barham’s Seafood stand for tuna steaks.  I was actually hoping for some clams, but no such luck yesterday.  Still, the tuna was beautiful and they had some small steaks just right for a single portion.  A quick tour through and I came upon this recipe from Alton Brown.  Of course being Alton Brown it can’t be straightforward.  It has to require a chimney for cooking. Um, no.  I used the marinade and left the rest to serious grilling folk.

The marinade is unbelievable easy:  soy sauce, honey, wasabi.  I did use prepared wasabi because it was half the price of wasabi powder.  It’s clearly less potent in its prepared state.  I could have added quite a bit more to get some more kick out of it.  Still, the sweet/salty of the soy and honey was super good.  One caution, scrape as much marinade as possible off the tuna before you put it in the pan.  The honey will burn a little as the tuna sears.  If you have a lot of honey you’ll end up with a burned gummy mess and riun your beautiful tuna steaks.

The recipe recommends that you set some marinade aside for dipping sauce.  Unfortunately I forgot to do that.  It would have been yummy as a dipping sauce.  Instead I used the leftover marinade as a cooking sauce for a few vegetables.  I had some shiitakes, red pepper and green onions in the veggie drawer that were approaching the end of their little vegetable lives.  I sliced them and sauteed them in some sesame oil before adding some of the marinade.  I cooked them until the marinade was completely absorbed.  So good.  The shiitakes added a terrific earthiness to the salty/sweet of the marinade.

This is a marinade I would use again.  It would be great with shrimp, chicken or tofu.  With a little more wasabi and some seasonal vegetables its the makings of a wonderful stirfry.

Good? Quite good.
Easy? Definitely.
Good for company? Easy grilling for a small dinner party.
Special shopping? The fresher the tuna the better.

Soy Honey Tuna Steaks


1 pound fresh tuna steaks
1/4 C low sodium soy sauce
1/4 C honey
3 T wasabi


Mix soy, honey and wasabi in a bowl. Pour over tuna steaks. Marinate 1-8 hours.
Remove tuna from marinade and drain slightly.
Heat grill or heavy skillet.
Cook tuna 2 minutes on each side for rare.
Reserve the marinade to cook vegetables in if desired.


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