Zucchini Ribbons and Kale with Spaghetti Sauce

Yep, more zucchini.  But this is a “let’s pretend it’s not zucchini” kind of recipe.  I really wanted spaghetti tonight.  A little odd given the temperature, but there you have it.  I also have a few pounds to go until I hit my weight loss goal so I try to avoid much in the pasta family.  So if you’ve got a zucchini or two and a vegetable peeler you’re in business! 

You could put this meal together in 10 minutes if you’ve got some sauce in the freezer, or even in a jar.  I spent about an hour on it because I decided to make a fresh batch of meat sauce.  (Thank you, Greenway Beef)!  This would be just as good with marinara sauce or tomato sauce with vegetables.  To get the vegetables together cut the kale into ribbons with a knife.  Then slice the zucchini into ribbons with a vegetable peeler.  I eat the first slices that are all peel, but throw those in the compost if that doesn’t appeal.  Use the peeler all the way around the zucchini.  You’ll need to stop when you get to the point that the ribbons are mostly seeds.  You can either chop the zucchini cores up fine and throw them in your sauce or you can compost those too.

All you need for cooking is one pot to heat the sauce and another larger pot to boil the water.  Once the water starts to boil drop in the kale.  Let that boil for a little while before you add the zucchini ribbons.  The time depends on the size of your kale pieces, but the idea is that it takes the kale longer to get tender than it does the zucchini.  When the kale is just a little more al dente than you like add the zucchini.  That will take about 2 minutes.  Careful not to overcook that or you’ll have mush instead of ribbons.  One note about the draining.  You’ll drain in a colander as you would spaghetti.  But remember that the zucchini and kale have a lot of water in them.  My advice is to press out a little additional water with a towel or paper towels.  Press gently, you don’t want to destroy your beautiful ribbons.

This is a very satisfying substitute for spaghetti with the traditional pasta noodles.  And I much prefer it to spaghetti squash, which I don’t care for.  It makes a beautiful presentation so you could absolutely serve it to company.  With marinara sauce it would be a terrific side dish for a marsala or piccata dish.  So, another fantastic way to use up you abundance of zucchini.  Or just another neat way to have spaghetti!

Good? Very good.
Easy? Definitely.
Good for company? The most elegant spaghetti you could serve.
Special shopping? Nope.

Zucchini Ribbons and Kale with Spaghetti Sauce


1 cup raw chopped kale
2 medium zucchini, cut into ribbons
1 1/2 C marinara or meat sauce
freshly grated parmesan


Heat sauce in a small pan.
Boil water in a medium pot.
Add kale to boiling water. Cook 4-6 minutes.
Add zucchini ribbons to kale. Cook 2-3 minutes.
Drain in a colander.
Gently press out additional water with paper towels.
Serve with sauce.
Top with cheese.

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