Simple Southern Supper

Today has been an “-ing” day here:  painting, baking, chopping, mowing, whipping, frosting, grilling, eating – in that order.  By the time I got to the grilling and eating part of the day I was already 18 kinds of worn out.  Fortunately during the baking portion of the day I had the foresight to do a little dinner planning as well.  I managed to put some chicken thighs in to marinate and make a little slaw.  Boy was I glad of that when dinner time finally rolled around!

Dinner tonight was kind of a family affair.  I have my brother to thank for the chicken thighs.  He makes barbeque sauce.  Really good barbeque sauce.  He makes several varieties, but this one is about my favorite.  It’s a mild to medium vinegar based sauce.  It has a little tomato and plenty of red and black pepper.  It’s thin, so perfect as a marinade, and not sugary so it doesn’t burn on the grill.  All good.  So, if you live in Alabama and happen to run across some JB’s BBQ Sauce you should check it out.  I poured some on some boneless, skinless chicken thighs and let them marinate for 6 hours or so.  When I put the chicken on the grill I put the leftover sauce in a sauce pan and boiled it down to use for dipping.  Boil it plenty so you don’t risk any salmonella.  Five minutes on each side and done.  Yum!

My slaw came from my MeMa to my mom to me.  Not much to it.  Just cabbage, mayonnaise, salt and pepper, but it’s the best slaw ever.  I know lots of folks add sugar and milk and lots of other things.  I don’t like my slaw sweet and I don’t like to have to strain it when I serve it.  Here’s the thing about this slaw.  You have to chop the cabbage by hand.  If you use a food processor it chops way too fine and you end up with a yucky texture and too much water in your slaw.  And, of course, I have to advise you to use Duke’s mayonnaise if it’s available in your area.  Accept no substitutes.  Just one more thing about tonight’s slaw – a shout out to the Farm to Family Market.  This little cabbage came from their garden!  It was a sweet and mild cabbage and just the right size.

You can’t very well have a Southern supper without some greens.  These are just chopped mixed greens with garlic and leeks, cooked down and dressed with cider vinegar.  Finished the meal with some iced tea.  And since Spring has sprung the tea is full of spearmint from my garden.  Come to think of it the spearmint came from my mom too, so that’s one more family thing.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a family meal even when your family isn’t around!

Good? Very.
Easy? Very.
Good for company? Excellent for having folks over to eat on the patio.
Special shopping? Nope.


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