Green Chile Chicken and Rice

Here’s the deal.  I didn’t do any of my customary meal planning over the weekend.  I didn’t wrap up my work day until 7:00 tonight.  I stood in front of an open fridge and freezer completely without inspiration.  Pasta and pesto?  Ugh, not again.  Roasted vegetables?  Too long.  Tabbouleh?  Having that for lunch tomorrow.  My eyes fell upon some diced roasted chicken and a bag of frozen homemade salsa verde.  Surely I can do something with that.

I thawed the chicken and the salsa verde in the same pan.  Once they thawed I turned up the heat a little and let it simmer until the liquid was almost completely cooked off.  A little salt and a little green Tabasco and that’s it.  Meanwhile I made some boil-in-bag brown rice and grated a little cheddar.  I always feel guilty when I resort to the boil-in-bag rice.  I actually buy it so that I can make rice quickly for my pup when she’s feeling puny so I feel like I’m stealing from her when I use it for myself.  Anyway, rice in the bowl.  Green chile chicken on the rice.  Cheese on the chicken.  Five minutes in the broiler.  Done.

It was actually pretty good.  Clearly restaurants won’t be adding it to the specials board any time soon, but it was a perfectly good last minute meal.  Of course the best part is that I got to use one of the newest additions to my Fiestaware collection!

Good? Yeah, it actually was good.
Easy? That’s what last minute is all about.
Good for company? Not so much.
Special shopping? Nope. No shopping.

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