Minas Style Collard Greens

There’s not much of a recipe here, but I really needed a green vegetable to go with the meat and starch in my Caribbean menu.  Collards are a good Winter green and cooking them this way they’re done in 2 minutes!  Kudos to the Brazilians and to Steven Raichlen for including them in his Healthy Latin Cooking cookbook.

The key to these is in the cutting.  Be sure that you get the entire rib about.  You’re not cooking them long so it won’t have time to soften.  Then cut the leaves into ribbons.  There’s an easy way to go about that.  Stack a few leaves on top of each other.  Roll them up together and slice the rolls into 1/2 inch slices.  You’ll end up with beautiful ribbons.  And going with the ribbon them I decided to cut my onions in strings too.  Just cut the onion in half.  Place the flat side on the cutting board and cut slices bottom to top.  The onion layers will separate and when they cook you’ll have onion ribbons.

All you have to do with these is cook the onions and some garlic in olive oil.  Sprinkle the collard ribbons with water.  Add them to the pan and stir them around for a couple of minutes.  I found that tongs were the best instrument for turning the collards.  Take them out while they’re still bright green.  Season with salt and pepper.

That’s it.  Even with the chopping this doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to pull together.  Serve them with a little vinegar if you like.

Good? One of my guests listed these as his favorite dish of the meal.
Easy? Very.
Good for company? Definitely
Special shopping? Nope.

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