Planning ahead

This month’s Cooking Light is all about chicken and there’s a whole section on soup.  That works well for me because I have two very large roasting chickens that I bought from Empress Farm in the basement freezer.  The cold weather is making me feel pretty soup-like and my objective to reduce the freezer stores still looms large.  Commencing Operation Chicken Soup!

The soup section of the magazine recommends using a store bought rotisserie chicken as a shortcut.  I agree that rotisserie chickens make for terrific shortcuts.  Unfortunately they also usually make for major salt overdoses.  I decided to take the long way around to the shortcut.  I’m roasting the chicken tonight with the idea that I’ll use the meat over the next few days in soups and other dishes.  Whatever I don’t get to in the next few days will be frozen in Food Saver bags for use later.  I’ll admit that it’s a little weird to have the house smell of roasting chicken and to not have it for dinner.  However, since the chicken won’t be done until 9:30 or so I had to make an alternate dinner plan.  (I had spaghetti tonight.  I made sauce over the weekend). 

Part two of Operation Chicken Soup is to take a look at the recipes and make sure I have the rest of the ingredients in the house.  That’s where Relay Foods comes in.  I went through the recipes.  Put the missing ingredients in my online grocery cart, chose a pick up location for tomorrow and checked out.  Grocery shopping done!  Once I pick up my order I’ll be ready to get started.  Stay tuned to see which soups make the cut!

And if you’re ready to give Relay Foods a shot use this link!  You’ll get a discount!


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