Collards and Brown Rice with Curry Sauce

Yet another night just back from a business trip where there’s not much in the house and I didn’t think to defrost anything.  After too much consideration of a trip to Taco Bell I determined that I would not be derailed after the first trip of the year.  I have a bunch of shallots, about 2 cups of chopped collards and lots of rice and pasta. Oh, and an open package of curry powder I brought back from Grenada and forgot to find a bottle for.  Doesn’t sound much like dinner, but I decided to make do.

I opted to saute the collards with garlic and sliced shallots.  No time to make pot liquor and cook them down.  I took two cubes of drippings (saved and frozen from the last time I roasted a chicken), melted them and added a slurry of flour, curry powder, salt and water.    I cooked some brown rice to al dente; added it to the collards; poured the sauce over; put a top on it and steamed it until the sauce had been absorbed.  Dinner done. 

It was actually not bad.  I love the nutty flavor and chewy texture of brown rice and the sauteed collards added a nice green earthiness.  The curry sauce was light, but added enough flavor that the dish tasted like something. This is a healthy dish.  Use chicken stock instead of drippings to lighten it more.  It was my entire dinner, but I’d recommend it as a side for chicken or pork chops.

Good? Pretty good.
Easy? Yes. Not much cooking here.
Good for company? Eh. Not really.
Special shopping? Clearly not.

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