Starting 2012

Welcome to the new year in One Woman’s Kitchen!  2011 was kind of a crazy year for me.  For the first time in 10 years I started a new job!  The job is terrific and very challenging.  It also requires more travel so I’m not in the kitchen as much as I’d like.  All the travel has meant that I’ve eaten a lot of takeout; meals in airports; and food served through my car window.  Embarrassing, but true.  These kinds of food choices have also added quite a few inches to my waistline.  Clearly I need a new strategy for the new year.

So, here’s the idea.  I need to accomplish several things over the next few months.  First, I need to start using the freezer stores.  Presumably that’s why I spent all that time buying extra and preparing it for the freezer; peeling and canning tomatoes; making salsa and pesto.  There’s an obscene amount of food around here – meats, vegetables and fruit. No excuse for claiming there’s nothing in the house to eat.  Second, I need to lose some weight.  I like the clothes in my closet.  It would be great if I could wear more of them.  So, I’ll be sticking closer to lighter versions of the dishes that I love and exploring new spices to add flavor to low calorie options.  Third, I need to be better prepared to eat at home on those days when I get home late or am transitioning into or out of a business trip.  I may be taking food out of the freezer to make dinner and then returning the leftovers to the freezer to use on a day when I’m short on time or low on energy.  I’m thinking you may see a lot of soups and stews over the next few weeks.

What about you?  Any food goals in the works for 2012?  Let me know if you have recipes to share.  I’d love to make some things on request!

Have a great year everyone!  Thanks for reading!


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