The Famous Meatloaf – Reprise

Clearly I’ve dumped the tofu thing for now.  I was hosting potluck and tofu didn’t seem like the thing to serve the girls.  It’s been a while since I made meatloaf.  In fact it’s been over a year, waiting for the cold weather to return I guess.  Well, it’s here.  Meatloaf weather.  Normally I don’t post the same recipe twice, and I won’t here either, but it’s worth mentioning a few changes and recognizing the folks who produce the great foodstuffs I had to work with.

Thanks, as always to Greenway Beef, for making an amazing product (and for being such nice people).  And a newcomer to my food world, Babes in the Wood pork.  It’s a little hard to report on the pork exactly because it was mixed in with so many other things, but this was a really freaking good meatloaf so at least the pork contributed to that.  And just so you know, you can get both of these meats via Relay Foods if you miss them at the farmers’ markets.

So, a few changes from the 2010 recipe.  If you have the time, I recommend browning the onions a good bit rather than putting them in raw.  I like mine with a little char on them.  Browned enough to bring out a little sweetness, but not fully caramelized.  I left out the breadcrumbs this time and put in extra oats.  That seemed to work fine.  I was working with 2 pounds of meat so I used 2 eggs. (Thanks to Pair A Dice Farm for the eggs).  I didn’t have any sharp cheddar in the house, but I did have a bag of pre-shredded Mexican cheese mix languishing in the basement freezer so I used that.  Yes, I’m appropriately embarrassed about that, but hey, this isn’t fancy food night.  And again, this was a freaking good meatloaf.

It should be noted that while I was rooting around in the basement freezer for the package of cheese I found two containers of collards from May of 2010.  So, so good.  Not damaged at all by their months in the freezer.  (If you think your collards might stay in the freezer a long while just be sure that there’s enough pot liquor in the container to fully cover the greens and enough space for the liquid to expand when it freezes).  I’ve decided that meatloaf should never be served without collards.  Never.  At least not in this house.

So there you have it.  Nothing new today, but a worthwhile reminder of a recipe to keep at hand for the cold months to come.  Feel free to make this meatloaf ahead of time.  It reheats beautifully.  And as it turns out, it makes a very fine breakfast.  Enjoy!

Check out the original Famous Meatloaf posting by clicking the link.


One Response to “The Famous Meatloaf – Reprise”

  1. Andrea Says:

    You had me at pot liquor. God I’m so happy to be going home for Thanksgiving and to have some of that!

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