Relay Foods – Take 2

So, yesterday I picked up my second Relay Foods order.  Seriously folks, if you’re not using this service, even just occasionally when things are crazy busy, you should be!  This time I shopped online on Sunday afternoon and scheduled my pick up for Tuesday.  Somehow I didn’t realize it before, but you don’t have to shop one day and pick up the next. You can shop any day and pick up any other day that week.  Whatever works for you.

I picked a combination of grocery store and local farm items again.  A couple of complications this time around.  I chose a specific kind of brown rice.  When I went to pick up there was another brand of brown rice as a subsitute.  Not a big deal.  But I am pleased to report that I was offered the opportunity to examine the subtitution before I accepted it and to get a credit if I wasn’t happy with it.  Easy and nice that a substitute was available so that I didn’t have to go without.  When I got home I realized that I had ordered two packages of chicken breast and there was only one in my bag.  Per the protocol on my receipt I sent an email requesting a credit for the missing item.  In less than an hour I had a lovely note of apology and a credit to my account.  Now that’s customer service!

So, two different locations in two different weeks and the same great service both times.  With holiday madness on the way you should consider letting Relay Foods take care of the grocery shopping on your to-do list!


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