Another Farmers’ Market Dinner

It’s been a long day in One Woman’s Kitchen.  I spent the morning snapping beans, peeling and slicing peaches and cutting corn off the cob.  Lots of farmers’ market purchases that needed tending to.  I also needed to tend to the enormous Globe Basil plant in the herb garden so there was pesto making  as well.  A trip to Kroger to restock the basics worked in between cooking the beans and vacuum packing the peaches and corn.  All that to say that I had no creativity in me come dinner time.  Still, a really good dinner.

Everything in this dinner, save the lemon zest, salt and pepper, came from a nearby farmer.  All folks I see nearly every Saturday morning.  There was supposed to be a roast chicken as well, but it wasn’t done when I was ready to eat so I went on without it.  After all, dieticians recommend that you eat vegetarian at least one day a week.  Hard to think of a yummier way to do that.  Plenty of time this week to work in some yummy chicken from Ault’s Family Farm.  So tonight I have to thank Bluebird Produce, Rocking F Farm and Rockahock Farm for my dinner.  Cherokee Purple tomato, squash and onion, green beans and corn on the cob.  Pretty hard to beat.  If you haven’t had a farmers’ market dinner lately this is the season!


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