Tabbouleh in Endive Cups

July has been a crazy month.  It’s not that I haven’t been eating (believe me), but I’ve not been around to do much cooking.  Tonight is book club.  I often struggle with what to take to book club and today was no different, except that it was complicated by two things:  work is so busy that I had zero time to deal with this and it’s 137 degrees outside so food seems kind of gross.  So, something light, easy and enough for 10 people.

Tabbouleh, or tabbouli if you prefer, has been the food of the summer around here.  It’s bright and lemony. Filling, but not heavy.  Easy. Versatile.  The perfect solution to my issue for today because I already had a bunch in the fridge.  I added a little fresh lemon juice and freshly ground pepper to perk it up and stuffed it in endive leaves.  It makes a very cute presentation and will be easy for the girls to pick up and eat.

For the tabbouleh recipe see my post from April 11.  That day I added some tomatoes.  You could also add feta or chicken or falafel or a million other things.  Tonight it’s plain.  And it’s yummy.


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