Fresh Tomato Sauce

This is part two of the first canning day of the season.  Part one covered the salsas.  After the salsas were all done there were still an awful lot of tomatoes left from the big Arlington Farm box.  What to do?  I recently purchased a food mill.  A food mill is used for getting the peeling and seeds out of fruits and vegetables for making jams and sauces.  This was my first opportunity to use it.

The Oxo food mill gets a big thumbs up.  It’s easy to put together.  It’s easy to use.  It’s easy to clean.  And it works really well.  It takes some time to grind through enough tomatoes to make 12 finished cups of sauce.  To get 12 finished cups you start with 20-24 cups of juice and pulp.  You’re dealing with big bowls and pots here.  The food mill isn’t terribly large so I had to do many, many batches.  I actually pressed these through the large blade first and then through the medium blade to remove all the seeds, but get as much pulp as possible.

I know you’re thinking that I must be insane to make my own tomato sauce.  Believe me, about half way through I was thinking that too.  And maybe that’s true.  Maybe after I use it I’ll decide that there’s not enough return on this investment.  I had to try though.  I canned it in half pint jars since I rarely need much tomato sauce for a single recipe.  I didn’t season this sauce at all.  I figured the plainer it is the more versatile it is.  I can season it accordingly when it ends up in a recipe.  I’ll let you know how it is!

It was a lot of trouble, but the jars sure look pretty.  And there are few sounds quite as satisfying as the “plink” that you hear when a jar seals.  All in all this was a very successful start to the 2011 canning season.  I even managed a get through the whole day without sticking a finger laden with jalapeno residue in my eye.  I think that’s a first!


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