Beef Bratwurst

This is going to be a short one.  I’m taking advantage of a rainy weekend to get some sewing done.  I’ve been cooking this weekend, but nothing worth reporting on.  Until tonight.

I have to take a minute tonight to give another shout out to Greenway Beef.  Seriously folks.  You need to get some beef from these people.  The beef is lovely and so is the Clark family.  Last Fall I bought some bratwurst from them and tonight I had some for dinner.  I was a little skeptical of beef bratwurst.  I’m a piggy girl.  Skeptic no more.  These are really good.  More dense than the pork variety, but the flavor is terrific.  I forgot that I was dealing with beef so it’s possible that I overcooked them just a touch.  Still, an excellent (and quick) dinner.

No real instructions.  I boiled them in Sam Adams and them finished them on the grill.  Serve with spicy mustard.  YUM!  I was extra pleased with the sweet squash and onions as a balance to the spicy, tangy brats.  Throw a little saueteed rainbow chard on the side for good measure. (Thanks to Victory Farms for the chard).  Summer might be just around the corner!


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