Italian Sausage

At the end of Lent there wasn’t much meat or poultry left in the basement freezer.  Of course that was the point.  I did have 3 packages of sausage left:  two Italian and one chorizo.  I spent a little time over the weekend looking for creative recipes for the sweet Italian sausage.  I found lots of soups/cassoulets that were too Wintery for this week.  And I found a few pizzas.  More about that later in the week.  I do love pizza.  Then I decided that this sausage is so good that maybe I could skip the recipe.

 I’m a good Virginia girl so I truly believe that pork makes everything better.  Kudos yet again to Ault’s Family Farm for making terrific sausage.  (And how excited am I that farmers’ markets start up again in 10 days)?!  But I digress.  Tonight I decided to caramelize some onions and cook half the sausages with them.  Twenty minutes later, a little mustard on top and I’m in heaven.  I removed the casings from the other two sausages and cut them into pieces.  They’ll make an appearance in a pizza in the next day or two.

So that’s dinner tonight.  Sausage and onions with mustard.  Yum.  I did throw some arugula on the side of the plate so that dinner would look a little more like dining room and a little less like dugout. 

Good? Yummy good.
Easy? Really.
Good for company? Not so much.
Special shopping? Not really, but I’ll make one more plug for buying your sausages from a local farmer.


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