Catfish, Corn and Cole Slaw

Okay folks, it was a 70 degree February day here in Central Virginia.  Yippee!  Feels like Spring might actually make an appearance before too long which means that Summer is right around the corner.  I couldn’t wait.  Tonight’s dinner was a kitchen homage to Summer.

This whole meal takes about 10 minutes start to finish.  That’s one of the things we love about fish.  It cooks in no time.  To put this meal together make your slaw first.  Even a few minutes in the fridge will make a difference.  Now, slaw at my house is Dole Cole Slaw in a bag, chopped fine.  Add some Duke’s mayonnaise and pepper.  Done.  And yes, if you can get Duke’s, it must be Duke’s.  The people on that commercial aren’t kidding.  Tonight I used my jerk seasoning on the fish.  Honestly I overdid it a little.  Probably a spice rub on one side of the fish is enough.  Putting it on both sides was overkill.

Fish is super easy.  Put on your spice rub or lemon juice or herb butter or whatever you’re using.  Lay the fish in a heavy pan, heated until it just starts to smoke a little.  Cook a filet about 3 minutes on each side.  Done.

Last summer I put some corn on the cob in Food Saver bags.  Tonight’s corn was from the one bag, of three, that didn’t hold the seal.  The texture was a little soft and watery, but the flavor was amazing.  Just like the Summer.  I’m hopeful that the corn in the sealed bags will turn out a little better.

Now, here’s the most important instruction for this whole meal.  Make sure that each person has two lime wedges.  Squeeze one on the fish.  Put the other one in your beer.

Good? Definitely.
Easy? 10 minutes easy.
Good for company? Sure. A welcome to Summer party in the middle of Winter.
Special shopping? Nope.


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