Planning for the Beach

I’ve decided that the stuffed eggplant was bad enough that I just can’t face the leftovers.  You know it was bad if I am throwing away food.  I decided to get tacos last night, but then couldn’t muster up the energy to leave the house and had a hot dog instead.  I have dinner plans for the rest of this week so I’ve decided to look ahead to my upcoming beach trip.  Every year I rent a beach house with a friend.  I do all the cooking and she does all the cleaning.  It’s a very good set up for me!  Here’s the challenge.  My friend doesn’t eat red meat (manageable); tomatoes (yikes); or cheese (oh, the horror)!  So you can see that there’s some extra effort that has to go into planning these meals.

I usually cook four of the seven nights so that’s four red meatless, tomato-less, cheese-less entrees.  It’s kind of fun to hunt down recipes that meet the criteria, but are still something that you’d actually be interested in eating.  Here’s the plan for this year:

Tilapia Piccata
Fish and Shrimp Tacos
Black Beans and Coconut Rice
Thai Chicken and Coconut Noodle soup

So stay tuned over the weekend! Hurricane Earl should have blown by so I’m expecting a good beach week!


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