Back to School

No cooking tonight (leftover gumbo), but I finally had a chance to read through my September 2010 Cooking Light and I thought it was worth a mention.  September is back to school time.  For a lot of you that means earlier mornings, lunches to pack, homework, football/soccer/track practice and a general flurry of Fall activities.  And for those of us not having to get kids adjusted to a new school schedule, still the Fall seems to bring the beginning of additional activities.  Things that have gone a little lax during the summer take shape again.  Maybe you have to give up a business casual summer dress code and find your suits in the back of the closet.  Maybe students have returned and with them some night and weekend hours.  Whatever your situation somehow the Fall seems to mean that dinner time has a little more rush about it.

The current issue of Cooking Light is all about saving time in the kitchen.  It has dozens of tips, tricks and recipes to make family and friends’ dinners possible without having to shout your order into a drive through speaker.  It’s pretty great.  Quick ingredients, quick cooking methods, quick shopping strategies, gadget helpers, five ingredient meals.  There’s something for everyone.  There’s even a list of the best choices in prepared foods for the nights when you’re one digit from calling for the third pizza of the week.

If you’re not a subscriber to the magazine it’s really worth picking up a copy.  And if you are, it’s worth a careful read.  I have a feeling I’m going to be referring to some of these tips for a long time to come so the online version just won’t work as well.  For those of you who want to peruse it online though, here’s the link.


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