An off day

Lest you should think that there are gourmet meals around here all the time and that I spend all of my free time thinking creative thoughts about food, I thought I’d share my eating on an off day.  I really intended to cook dinner tonight.  Really.  I worked from home today and the work day wasn’t extraordinarily taxing so I had the time.  I live within a few miles of several grocery store and have 2 freezers full of food so I’m not lacking in supplies.   I have lovely leftovers from earlier in the week as well.  I just couldn’t get it together.  Zero motivation.

For breakfast today I made deviled eggs. I do this pretty often.  A portable protein breakfast is a good thing.  For lunch I had 2 hot dogs with mustard and slaw and an ear of corn a few days past its prime.  For dinner I had 2 Thin Mints and some blue corn chips with a little of the salsa I canned over the weekend.  In that order.  Have I mentioned that I am blessed with an iron stomach?  There’s very little that I can’t eat and in combinations that are sometimes…let’s say adventurous.  Apparently some part of me feels compelled to check the iron stomach for rust from time to time.

So you see, I’m no one’s gourmet.  I’ve long suspected that Jacques Pepin, Marcella Hazan and Tom Colicchio must occasionally succumb to a dinner of Triscuits dipped in cottage cheese  or peanut butter and banana sandwiches too.  But maybe that’s just me.

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