A short hiatus

Well folks, no more cooking for me for about 10 days.  I leave town this week on a business trip out West.  I have a kind neighbor watering the garden in my absence.  I hope to have a harvest when I return.  I’m guessing some peppers, squash, cucumbers and maybe a few grape tomatoes.  The beans are pretty much done and most of the tomatoes still have a ways to go.

I can report that I thawed some of the Chicken Tikka Masala to eat over the next day or so while I’m busy cleaning, laundering and packing.  The sauce is a little thin from the thawing, but the taste is still excellent.  I was a little concerned because I mixed the rice in before I froze it and rice doesn’t usually freeze so well.  If I had it to do again I’d freeze the tikka masala and make fresh rice.  Still, now we know.  The tikka masala freezes nicely.

Other than the Chicken Tikka Masala (and baseball park hot dogs) I’ve been eating tomato and cucumber sandwiches this weekend.  One of the greatest simple pleasures in my life is a good tomato sandwich on homemade bread with a little salt, pepper and Duke’s.  I know that some of you can’t get Duke’s mayonnaise where you live.  When I lived in Texas my mom brought it to me when she visited.  But if you can get Duke’s and you’re using something else it’s just wrong.  Just one woman’s opinion.  Well, one woman and thousands of other Southerners.  Anyway, many thanks to Bluebird Produce in Hanover, VA for the tomatoes, Kruize Farms for the bread  and my own garden for the cucumber.

So, enjoy some summer produce and yummy meals during the hiatus and let me know what you’re making!  I’m thinking there’s probably some gazpacho to be made when I return to my kitchen…

One Response to “A short hiatus”

  1. ronya Says:

    That’s what I ate today, too! Thankfully, Dukes has found its way into some of my grocery stores and when I find it, rest assured I buy it. 🙂

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