Time to plan for January

I know, it seems ridiculous to think about the spartan January produce section when July is bringing in berries, peaches, beans, corn , tomatoes, cucumbers and any number of other wonderful food stuffs.  Still, thanks to Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle I’ve come to appreciate that July is exactly the right time to think about what you’ll want to eat in January.  To that end I’ve been buying a little extra at the farmer’s market every week and blanching and freezing it.  I was describing this to a colleague recently and she commanded me to get a food saver.  You know, one of those things that vacuum packs your food so it will stay fresh for weeks and months.   I bought one today.  Just a small one with the accompanying freezer bags.  It has to charge overnight so I have to wait until tomorrow to play with it.

This is really the perfect solution for me.  While I can things that can be canned in a water bath (salsas, pickles, jellies, tomatoes) I haven’t had a good solution for long term storage of other foods.  Things like beans, squash, corn and peas have to be canned using a pressure cooker because they lack the acid content required for hot water bath canning.  Frankly I’m afraid of pressure cookers.  I’m convinced that I couldn’t use one without it blowing up and the last thing I want to have to explain for the rest of my life is that my face is scarred and disfigured because I wanted to have garden beans in January.

So I’ll be celebrating Independence Day, at least in part, by vacuum packing corn, beans, peaches and blackberries.  Think if it as supporting the local farm militia in their fight against the tyrannical grocery chain.  Or if it works better for you think of it as part of the fight for a better environment.  It may sound silly now, but how glad will you be when I invite you over for peach cobbler to celebrate the New Year and the peaches are from Caroline County instead of Chile?


2 Responses to “Time to plan for January”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Interested to hear what you think of the food saver. Which one did you get? I’ve been wanting one, since I do the same thing as you – buy extra each week at farmers market. Mostly I blanch and freeze, but I’m into pickling this year.

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