Getting back in the swing of things

No, I haven’t abandoned cooking.  It was a tough week.  After the almost epic fail of the ginger orange chicken I ate leftover jambalaya several days and went out a little more than usual.  And of course the weather is stunning right now so the motivation to spend a lot of time in the kitchen is somewhat diminished.  We’re getting to the time of year when I have to change my cooking strategy.  Since it’s warmer and light later I’m more likely to be out and about with the Diva (that’s the dog) or out in the yard getting things ready for the spring mulching and summer garden.   I think I have a good strategy for this week. 

Fortunately the sweet potatoes I bought last week will keep just fine. My plan is to turn the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili that I planned for last week into a Sweet Potato and Black Bean salad this week.  I also have some ricotta and fresh mozzarella that I need to use so that sounds like pizza night to me!  Finally I have a roasting chicken.  The good thing about that is it’s pretty hands off cooking and the leftover possib ilities are nearly endless.

So, I’ll record these choices in the Savings Plan and hope I do a little better this week than last.  For today of course, it being Easter Sunday in Virginia and all, there’s ham and deviled eggs and green beans and rolls with the fam.  And I only had to make dessert.  See Salvaging a Fallen Cake to see how that turned out.


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