Dinner tonight! (And lunch tomorrow)

Someone recently suggested that folks might be interested in seeing pictures of the food when it’s finished.  Tonight’s dinner makes a lovely autumnal display so I’m including a photo.  Tonight I made spice rubbed pork chops, sauteed spinach and butternut squash soup.  Very warm and lovely for a cold evening.

The pork chops didn’t really have a recipe from elsewhere so there’s no link.  I chose these spices because I thought the flavors would complement the soup nicely and they did. 
Good? Yes
Easy? Yes
Good for company? I suppose, but a little plain to serve for guests
Special shopping? Nope

The soup recipe is from You’ve Got Supper.  It was originally a sweet potato soup, but I had a squash so I made the substitution.  Other than that I followed the recipe as printed and it’s very good.  I’ll probably make a few adjustments if I make it again.  I prefer soups of this type to be thicker than this one turned out so I’ll likely cut the stock back to 3 cups.  You could cut the coconut milk some as well to reduce the fat.  Probably not a bad idea, but don’t eliminate it as it provides a perfect balance for the curry powder.  I used my homemade curry powder.  The recipe is available on my Spices page.  If you use a winter squash cook it before you peel it to save yourself a lot of trouble. You can bake or microwave it. Also, if you have an immersion blender, also called a stick blender, it saves you from having to dirty the food processor or regular blender to puree the squash.  It makes lots so have it with a hearty bread or sandwich for lunch the next day!
Good? Yes
Easy? Mostly.  The blending can be messy.
Good for company? Would be a lovely first course.
Special shopping? Maybe. You may not keep coconut milk in the pantry.

Spiced Pork Chops

2 thick cut pork chops. (You can cut them in half to control portion size and make dinner for 4).
1/4 t each ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, salt, chili powder
Mix the spices in a small bowl and rub a small amount on both sides of each pork chop
Heat 1T canola or vegetable oil in skillet until it just begins to smoke.
Add pork chops. Cook 6 minutes on each side on high heat.
Remove from pan and keep warm 10 minutes before serving.

Butternut Squash Soup

 2 lb butternut squash, peeled and chopped
• 1 1/2 tsp curry powder
• 4 cup(s) chicken broth, low sodium
• 1 cup(s) coconut milk
• 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1. Cut up sweet potatoes into 1/2 inch pieces. Place in large saute pan covered with broth. Add curry powder. Bring to a boil and let simmer until tender (6 – 8 minutes).
2. Remove potatoes from broth with a slotted spoon and puree in the food processor. Add one cup of the broth from the pan to the food processor and pulse. Return to saute pan and stir. (I just used a hand blender and mixed it all together in the pot).
3. Slowly stir in coconut milk and heat. Season with cayenne pepper and a little salt to taste.


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